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One knob to control a time parameter with a mode switch - MIDI Designer Q&A

One knob to control a time parameter with a mode switch

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asked Aug 3 in Advanced by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)

2 Answers

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One solution - mode controls show/hide of different pickers for the modes.  Need to hook up controls such that the current value is sent when mode is changed.

Different - sort the modes into groups in one picker.  The mode button jumps to the first (or other default value) within the group.
answered Aug 4 by jkhiser (18,490 points)
these are great and helpful. Ideally, though, there is just one picker/knob with values from multiple modes. Possible? Or... possible with SB? Thanks!
[I'm aware that the question was poorly specified, sorry about that] Basically the MIDI target has:
1. a three-way switch for its modes
2. a time knob that changes functionality depending on the mode

I'd like to have ONE time knob that covers all values. Then I'd like to pick and choose and even rearrange.
I'd still like to see this solution. Mine works but perhaps there's something easier.
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After a conversation with JK Hiser, I managed to solve this problem. It works well and no SB required.

Basically the solution involves:

  1. a Subcontrol with all the ticks for each mode. The same MIDI values get repeated in the ticks.
  2. Subcontrol knob for Mode. A button will not work (without more interstitials) because the supercontrol moves it to ON for any value above 0.
  3. A supercontrol that contains all the values.
The joy here is that the supercontrol can get values removed and the whole system still works. There are no limits to this: even the middle values may be removed and it all works.
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Time In Two Modes.mididesignerpage
Downloads: 15
Time In Two Modes.jpg
Time In Two Modes.jpg
Time Knob with Repeated Values.jpg
Time Knob with Repeated Values.jpg
answered Aug 4 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
edited Aug 4 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)