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shift register / stepper - MIDI Designer Q&A

shift register / stepper

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asked Jul 27 in Community Requests by slajgaj (140 points)

1 Answer

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One solution -

Make the buttons that send the individual commands.  For this, you prolly want the SEND ON ONLY option.  Test the individual buttons send desired commands.

Make a knob control, make SUPERCONTROL, assign the buttons above as subcontrols in the desired order.  If they get out of order, you can edit to move into desired order.

Make the button to receive your footswitch command, type MOMENTARY.  Make it a SUPERCONTROL of the knob, options as supercontrol, either stepper (no wrap around) if you want it to stop at the end, or (wrap around) if you want to loop back the first when it hits the last.

If you move the footswitch button to the pedalboard, then you can have different sequences on separate pages.
answered Jul 27 by MIDI Designer Team (jkhiser)