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Send 2 or more sysex in one buttom by Supercontrol

0 votes
asked Jul 27, 2023 in Advanced by jakiv (460 points)
Not sure I'm following. A supercontrol button with two subcontrol buttons should move both buttons into ON and OFF states on each press. Is this not what you're experiencing?

1 Answer

0 votes

Create ONE Supercontrol button. Create 2 buttons (Change Registration and Change Sound) that are both setup as Subcontrols of the Supercontrol. It seems like all buttons should be momentary such that each press and release of the supercontrol triggers both changes simultaneously. 

answered Jul 29, 2023 by dsabou2062 (3,570 points)
Okay, I got it fixed.
Thanks for the reply, but,,,,
By setting "Snap Sub to Value" to 100ms. became Keyboard ready to receive and understand sysex No. 2.
Occasionally you needd to add a delay to allow messages to transmit and receive in a timely manner. Glad you have it working now.