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LAYOUT: For Yamaha PSR SX-700 - MIDI Designer Q&A

Rating: BronzeLAYOUT: For Yamaha PSR SX-700

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Rating: Bronze
asked Jun 14 in Community Shares by jakiv (350 points)
Thanks for sharing. This looks great. We'll make it available for download via Browse immediately. Congrats!
Hi there


Thanks, but it's still under construction.
In fact, I have found a few bugs and also added new options / features in my latest version.
How should I deal with uploading new versions?

Best regards
1. Feel free to add manual version numbers to your uploads (e.g., v1.0) and put them in the filename
2. You can delete old layouts and overall download count will not decrease. Source: I just tried it here ( works.

Does that answer?

1 Answer

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MIDI Target Manufacturer(s): Yamaha
hello, tested template on Genos!
You put a lot of work into it! Thanks ! everything works except for a few bugs that you built in.
You can contact me about this! Ulli 
answered Jul 25 by ulli (140 points)
Style volume is useless. The volume that is stored at the factory or on the register is not accepted.
when using Supercontrol, Button / Slider / Knob must be set to No Midi send/receive!