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Roland FC-300 sysex mode not received in MD and other question - MIDI Designer Q&A

Roland FC-300 sysex mode not received in MD and other question

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asked Oct 27, 2022 in Basic by sgundhus (140 points)

1 Answer

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re: > Issue: when I click on the ctrl buttons in MD it sends both on/of and the button colour remains the same. When I use the external GI only the on is sent and the color remains dark bluen (preset 1 is after cykling through the 8 channels)

Two items
- maybe the buttons need to be “send on only.” 
- if you have a group of buttons options where only one should be active at one time, make a super control knob with all the buttons as sub controls.  In this case, you can select “buttons send on only” on the supercontrol instead of separately on each button.  Typically you also want to select “second press resends on”

re: Using learn button the pedal 1-5 pressed nothing is captured in MD. Pressing down-up-ctl1-ctl2 then the sysex is captured by the learn.

Learn does not function with SysEx messages.  There are too many variables with a SysEx message to determine automatically how it should be coded.  Since you have captured the SysEx output from the hardware, you have the information needed to manually enter the SysEx commands.

For example, I see this in your captured output:
00226E48 12 -- F0 Buffer: 12 Bytes System Exclusive
SYSX: F0 41 00 00 00 20 12 20 00 7F 61 F7
00227DDD 12 -- F0 Buffer: 12 Bytes System Exclusive
SYSX: F0 41 00 00 00 20 12 20 00 00 60 F7

This would be entered to MDP2 SysEx as
41 00 00 00 00 20 12 20 00 V, choose one byte V, choose a checksum (doesn’t matter, as long as one is present), with MIDI values of 0 for off and 127 (7F) for on.
MDP2 automatically supplies the leading F0 and trailing F7.  The value before the F7 is a checksum, and we see the byte before that changing between 00 to F7, so that is the data value.

Hope this helps.

answered Oct 29, 2022 by jkhiser (18,640 points)
Thank you for the answers.

The buttons receive different messages from my GI-20 so I guess I can’t have one button receiving multiple messages then trigger the different buttons based on the incoming message?  If this is possible I would appreciate pointing me in the direction of a solution.
The buttons works as intended for now and it is just the colouring that is a bit strange.

The buttons to receive a sysex message and trigger other button I’m not able to resolve. I’m thinking I might need some more specific routing then what I currently have and the StreamByter might help mitigate the issue. I’m pretty newbie to midi but I will try and learn how I can control the midi streams using the plugin soon.
On my PC set-up Im getting this to work but there I have a separate session with Bomes midi-designer taking care of (translating) this sysex messages going from the FC-300 -> thru the Motif (port 3)-> to the PC (usb) -> back to Motif (port one). The sysex trigger functions in the Motif I now can control from MD so this is not very important for my progress, however I would like to resolve as it provides some flexibility in my setup.

I found this thread describing same issue as mine. This was resolved but still I have no solution.

I have found no Yamaha Motif references in the MD community and I will post my first layout. It’s created to enable more easy access and control over the arpeggios in the hardware. I have added the LAYOUT: Generic MIDI Program Change by mlafontaineca
to my layout to learn how this thing work.

Just learned I can’t post it here. It’s work in process so I’ll wait a little longer.

Thank you
One button = one message is a fundamental characteristic of MDP2.  The message can have some modifiers, such as channel.  But most MIDI control actions can be implemented with this structure.

If there is an advanced relationship between different MIDI messages and desired action, then SB is the solution.

You cannot post layouts or pictures in a comment.  Instead, start a new answer on this thread.