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MIDI Timeout? - MIDI Designer Q&A

MIDI Timeout?

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asked Jan 27, 2013 in MIDI But Not MIDI Designer by hmorgan (310 points)
Hi and thanks for your question. This is all quite strange. Is it possible that there's a setting on the Elation? Is it possible that this 6.5 second reset to default would be desirable somehow. Also: what messages are you sending exactly? Are they exactly the ones you need? For instance, a note off MIGHT do just this 6.5 second thing, so try "send on only" for buttons. Just some thoughts to get the ball rolling on figuring this out.
So with lots of experimentation I've found that something about the iPad/IK iRig MIDI/Elation combination does not work well.  I've got no feedback from Elation, and the IK support team simply claims that they have no timeout.  I think it's working now with a GENUINE iPad Camera Connection Kit and an Edirol UM-1 EX... the MIDI connection seems to be holding steady.  I tried a cheap 5-in-1 connection kit I found on Amazon, but it only worked intermittently and only with a USB hub in between too.  With the Apple kit, the UM-1 works right away, every time.  Now on to the foot controller connection!
Sorry to hear that the road around this was so long. I'll incorporate what you've found in the related question, too.

For the foot controller, you can always go through the computer. Google "live routing" for the network connection (it's on the bottom right of the MIDI Network Setup panel).

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Very new to MIDI Designer, but I had a similar issue and resolved it by going to More>Config>"iPad Should Not Sleep" - try that?
answered Jan 28, 2013 by bigblackwave (190 points)
Thanks for this answer, but this limit is usually MUCH longer. The OP is asking about something that happens 6.5 seconds later.
Perhaps my answer is actually more of a comment now that I realize there's a distinction.
Great, it's all good and thanks for contributing. It's important to note that the feature exists, too ;)
BTW that tip was a good idea but didn't solve my problem.  See my comment above about how now I'm using the Apple Camera Connection Kit and an Edirol UM-1 EX to fix this problem.  I'm afraid I can't recommend the IK iRig MIDI to connect to the Elation at least... Maybe it works with other devices.
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Midi active sense problem?
answered Jun 15, 2019 by james-edinger (170 points)