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Where are my files using MDP2 on Mac? - MIDI Designer Q&A

Where are my files using MDP2 on Mac?

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asked Jul 24, 2022 in Basic by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)

3 Answers

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Steps to find out:

  1. Save a layout called wtf001
  2. Run this command from the root directory of your computer (not your user!)

    sudo find . 2>/dev/null | grep "wtf001"
  3. That's it

On my Mac it was 


but we don't know if that's subject to change (probably).

Disclaimer: this isn't good. We need to populate the File menus on Mac, at least, and hopefully locate the stuff under your user directory.

answered Jul 24, 2022 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
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For some reason, I cannot get the returned location to show up in Finder so I can retrieve the file.  Instead, I resorted to command line to move the desired file to my documents folder, where I can then file properly.

This shows the necessary terminal actions.
Terminal - move file.png
Terminal - move file.png
answered Jul 25, 2022 by jkhiser (18,640 points)
It looks very complicated. I don't normally use the command line and it's been ages since I used such connands as grep and sudo. Basic question is will this need to be done for each file?

I have been spending a few weeks designing MDP2 in my Mac Mini. The best approach I have found is to mail the layout to myself. Then I can open it on my iPad and vice-versa. It also works moving files between MDP and MD Next.
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The online user manual is updated with a chapter on Mac usage.

answered Nov 26, 2022 by jkhiser (18,640 points)