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How do I switch pages using a button group - MIDI Designer Q&A

How do I switch pages using a button group

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asked Jul 17, 2022 in Advanced by dsabou2062 (2,940 points)
got an idea but give me a few days to play with it.

1 Answer

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Here is a sample layout

Here is an example.

I think two things were giving you trouble.

1.  Managing the overall field of button options as separate groups.  This was causing the transition problem at the page margins, and trying to pass control successfully between groups.  Make the button field a single group.

2.  Page jump happens on button OFF, not ON, so you have to hold the page jump button ON, and only let it go off when you want to jump.

Additional notes in the example layout.

Downloads: 59
Grouped buttons page jump
Downloads: 59
answered Jul 23, 2022 by jkhiser (18,490 points)
selected Aug 7, 2022 by dsabou2062
On the example, I left MIDI receive on for the page jump buttons.  This should be off, or use the no midi receive type.