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New to MD, connection issues - MIDI Designer Q&A

New to MD, connection issues

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asked Jul 16, 2022 in Basic by rich-o (120 points)
Please provide a screenshot of the MDP2 connections page when the adapters are connected.

Unsure about your statement that the BT01 app is connecting them - from what I see on the App Store, this just does renaming and firmware upgrade.

2 Answers

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Received via e-mail and transferred here for the record:

I couldn’t figure out how to attach a screenshot on the message board.    The BT01 app was used to rename the devices.    I have them connected using the Yamaha FM Essentials app.  Thanks for any help.         Here’s the MD connection info:



Try these in order:

Again you say you are connecting through another app, this time the Yamaha FM app.  Kill all other apps so that only MIDI Designer is running on the iPad.  MD does not need any other apps to communicate with devices (unless you are doing some complicated routing).

Close all apps:

This screen looks good except for the Thru selection.  Try turning those off for now.  That may be causing a loop.

Make a new control on your layout, type momentary, note on / off, assign to middle C, midi channel for one of the boards.  See if this gets through to the board.  Then try the channel for the other board.  Do these notes get through?

Open the log.  Press a key on the board.  Does it show up in the log?

answered Jul 20, 2022 by MIDI Designer Team (jkhiser)
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Resolved - MDP2 was not allowed to access BT devices in control panel.
MDP2 Bluetooth Access.png
MDP2 Bluetooth Access.png
answered Jul 26, 2022 by MIDI Designer Team (jkhiser)