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Is there a way to loop a sequence of CC#s so a slider acts “animated” - MIDI Designer Q&A

Is there a way to loop a sequence of CC#s so a slider acts “animated”

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asked Jul 13, 2022 in Advanced by that-guy-on-bass (150 points)
1. Use the Looper capability.  You can create as many different loops as you want, mute them, then unmute as desired.  The loops are not stored, you have to re-record each time time layout is launched.
2. The simple panning in the motion engine was an example.  The motions can be as complex as desired, and they are stored with the layout.  And instead of the hack that makes the motion engine work, you can now use the "beat" knob of Ableton Link to drive the engine.

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First Answer, We might have more workarounds

There is no way to do LFOs inside MD for now, however with Control Loopers you can loop live

This isn't what you want but there's a slight chance that it's what you need ;)

answered Jul 13, 2022 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
selected Jul 13, 2022 by that-guy-on-bass
I'm thinking of sequential subcontrols and snap to value
Ah! that makes sense, I’ll give it a try