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Microfreak Preset Selection with Program Change ?

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asked Jun 22, 2022 in User Support, Open by gedankensalat (890 points)
edited Jun 22, 2022 by gedankensalat
The value of Program Change goes from 0-127.  Making additional copies, and changing the display value does not change the underlying value that is sent.  I see that the Microfreak has 384 presets.  I do not see any mention in the manual of how they address the additional presets, but the standard approach is with a Bank change.  I would try Bank 0 PC 0 for the first preset, Bank 1 PC 0 for the 128th preset, etc.
Thanks, i will recapture your tipps.
Hope to find a comfortable way to select a preset.
I have made it for UNO Synth, and it works fine.