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Control Button label colors - MIDI Designer Q&A

Control Button label colors

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asked Mar 29, 2022 in Advanced by dsabou2062 (3,180 points)
Will let Dan consider the possibility of more flexible colors.  But instead of two levels of buttons to reverse the colors, why not just invert the midi commands on the top level button, with 127 as off and 0 as on?  This should work whether they are direct acting or super controls.
I use Inverted in Supercontrol Options to invert the On/Off state of the Subcontrol. I don't see any difference using 127-0. I inverted at both the first and second Button level. This gets the 3rd Button level back in phase to output the proper midi. Trying to output the second level using 127-0 just sends the Midi On for the button going off. This doesn't work since I need the button going on to send 127 and the button going off not to send midi at all.

So it's back to Dan to be able to select the button label color (at least white vs black) in the first place. The HW capability is for 100 buttons, not 32 as in my current layout. Tha means a full implementation using 100 buttons will require 300 total buttons! I believe I will be able to use Stream Byter output code to reverse the On-Off state of the buttons from the 2nd level of buttons. I will try that later.
Seems this workaround I describe should avoid one level of buttons.
Supercontrol button off - white text ~ pseudo on state -> subcontrol on (send on only selected at individual control, not supercontrol)
Supercontrol button on - black text ~ pseudo off state -> subcontrol off (no send with above option)
I dug a little deeper. I couldn't get your workaround to work, I looked at the Page Highlight color. In my layout, it was set to Auto. Auto is affected by the page Texture and Color. However, when set to black, all labels are black including the "On" button. The "On" button was "lit", all other buttons were not. This may be acceptable. If so, I can output the desired Midi set to "Send on only" directly from the Button Group buttons, eliminating the two additional sets of 32 buttons. On only is required by HW.

When Page Highlight is set to white in my layout, On buttons were black, off buttons were white. Thus Auto actually invoked white, since this is my original, unsatisfactory inverse button label colors.

I still would like to be able to select white button labels when on and black when off for extra clarity.
I had missed that these were grouped, so my workaround doesn't help you.

2 Answers

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Finally spent some time looking at the highlight behavior, and testing a set of combinations of page highlight color, page background color, and control color.

Page highlight color

  • "Black" selected - the control text is always black, off or on
  • "White" selected - the control text is white off, black on
  • "Auto" selected - see table.

I guess one question is why white doesn't stay white, but changes depending on control state.  I think the auto selection is not bad.  Maybe if we make white stay white, then this will minimize disappearing controls.  

Downloads: 102
Highlight Color Test
Downloads: 102
Highlight Colors.png
Highlight Colors.png
answered Apr 18, 2022 by jkhiser (18,640 points)
It looks to me that when Black is selected as the highlight color, the On should be white. The Auto may not matter what happens.
Thanks for the detail. I actually ended up using the White Highlight so white is off and on is black for the buttons. Then I added a Label with label source of the on button and yellow text to overlay the on button. In effect, White text turned Yellow. But white off was a bit too bright, so I added a panel to overlay all buttons which darken the white a little. I plan on adding the procedure and layout to Community Shares when I get a chance.
0 votes

Add LCD Color bar to Label Properties

Suggest adding a LED Color selection to Label Properties. I have need for color labels on buttons without using a hack to overlay a color label on a button with a white label.
Label Props color selection
Label Props color selection
answered 5 days ago by dsabou2062 (3,180 points)