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Page up/Bank up Buttons as Subcontrols? - MIDI Designer Q&A

Page up/Bank up Buttons as Subcontrols?

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asked Mar 14, 2022 in Advanced by viddavisda (160 points)

1 Answer

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So we seem to be fighting two behaviors here.  First is that it is the OFF action on the page jump that causes the action.  Second is that when you change a supercontrol, it seems the man behind the green curtain checks all subcontrol values, seeing that button is supposed to be off, sends the off value, and we get the undesired page jumps.

So we just need to hook up some controls that hold the page jump button on, except when you want it off - i.e, cause the page jump.

Build and test your page jump buttons.  Do not assign as subcontrol yet.

For each page jump button, build a relay button, type toggle, supercontrol, options as super - inverted.  Do NOT assign as a supercontrol of the page jump button yet.  Make it a subcontrol of the setlist picker.

On the setlist picker, go to the preset where you want the page jump.  Turn the relay toggle on, and store the preset.  (The off value should automatically fill all the other presets.)

Now assign the page jump button as a subcontrol of the relay button.
answered Mar 15, 2022 by jkhiser (18,490 points)
selected Mar 16, 2022 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Thank you. Works like a charm now.
Actually I did a slightly different procedure in that I made each relay (in the on position) a subcontrol of the first preset on the page that I want to jump to, instead of a subcontrol of the set picker. Then I would make the page jump button a subcontrol of the relay as you described.

I noticed that these two buttons would not work if they were on the same page that I wanted to jump to so I placed them on the page I would jump from. Maybe when the buttons were on the same page as the preset MD already thought it was on that page when the preset was called up in sequence (from the previous page). I don’t know but anyway it works fine now. All the page jump buttons reside on the page I want to jump from.