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Moving a Layout from iPad to iPhone

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asked Feb 11, 2022 in Basic by unguitar (690 points)
edited Feb 15, 2022 by admin
Dropbox: share and export and then you’ll have the choice

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MDP2 looks for files in one place - the MDP2 folder, which you can find in the Files app - on my iPad/iPhone - MDP2 folder

It. does not have a "general" file open allowing searching folders and cloud.  (This is the older sandbox approach, which Apple is now allowing some exceptions to, but MDP2 has not implemented.)

You can use a sharing service, but opening the file from there (or a web location) is somewhat hit or miss, and then you still need a manual save action to get it filed in the MDP2 folder, and you have to save the filename.  So for most reliable performance, manual save it as below.

Use dropbox (or iCloud, etc.) to upload from iPad, then download to the iPhone MDP2 folder, and it should appear in the list under config / open
answered Feb 13, 2022 by jkhiser-admin (2,140 points)
selected Feb 15, 2022 by admin
Thank you!
Marking as accepted answer, glad we were able to get you sorted. Thanks JK for stepping in as always