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1button press for favourite settings - MIDI Designer Q&A

1button press for favourite settings

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asked Jan 25, 2022 in Basic by de073823 (180 points)

1 Answer

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Simple, brute force approach.

Make three momentary buttons that send the first PC commands to the devices.

Make a momentary supercontrol of the three buttons above.

Repeat four more times.


This is more sophisticated and can be updated without going to design mode, and displays text label for the presets.

For this example, presume that the PC values will go from 0-127, different channels, for each device.

Set up three knobs, type PC, on the correct midi channel for the devices.

Make one momentary button & one toggle button.

Make a picker, change type to presets, accept the default 12, assign the three knobs above as subcontrols.  (If you don't have the extra features pack, use a knob here - but you really want a picker.)  In the relationships tab, choose momentary button above for the store button, the toggle as recall.

Save and exit design

Adjust the knobs for your first desired preset.  Press store.  Repeat for additional presets.

When the recall button is on, a preset is automatically recalled when you change the picker.  You normally want it on, unless you are trying to copy one patch to another preset.

But you wanted five buttons - we can add those.

Make a momentary button, send on only, assign as a supercontrol of the picker, select options as supercontrol - force not picker.  Make similar four times = desired five buttons.

Set their midi on values as follows: 1 = 0, 2 = 12, 3 = 23, 4 = 35, 5 = 46

(These are the correct numbers for 12 position picker/preset, the remaining numbers for seven more buttons would be 58, 69, 81, 92, 104, 115 & 127)

So you should have five quick access buttons, and you can change and restore the program changes as desired.
answered Jan 27, 2022 by jkhiser (16,080 points)
edited Jan 27, 2022 by MIDI Designer Team (jkhiser)