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MIDI CC commands stutter frequently in Cubase 6/7 - MIDI Designer Q&A

MIDI CC commands stutter frequently in Cubase 6/7

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asked Jan 25, 2013 in MIDI But Not MIDI Designer by alexpfeffer (120 points)
continue to bracket: is it Cubase's fault? Get a MIDI monitor running on your PC to figure it out. Bracketing is an art, but once you switch your focus from finding the "cause" of the problem to finding where the problem is not, you're on the right track ;)
Pardon the stupid question, but how should a monitoring tool show me why e.g. the signal is laggy/corrupted. I mean I installed MIDI Ox and run my iPad with the app to see what happens when I control CC01 and record it into Cubase ... but all it shows me is just the list and the data (which doesn't look unspectacular :))
Well, the idea would be to set up a button in MIDI Designer that sends on that CC and then send 50 messages and see if you receive all 50. Or, setup a stepper in MIDI Designer (momentary buttons that is a supercontrol for a variable control like a knob) and hit it fifty times to see if you're missing messages. That's the question: are we missing data? Are we overwhelming the RTP connection? Etc. etc. Note: just because Lemur exhibits the same behavior and we're not at "fault" doesn't mean we cannot fix the problem from our side ;)
Hi there.

Got the same thing with my01v96, and a kind of interesting sideeffect. I think it has to do with a kind of midi feedbackloop in the midiox for my part. When I reconfigured the in and out ports in midiox I haven't had that problem anymore. that is the send and recieve ports has to be seperated(In a synth you use the "local" control so that the midi is send to your out port to, and then returned from cubase and it sounds often with a little delay, but you actually disconnected the directline internally in the synth so you donĀ“t hear it, if you don't use "local" you get a annoying metal kind of sound out of your gear.) . So If you wifi sends back to itself at the same time it sends to cubase and then the signal from cubase gets in with a little delay... well problems... Hmm, do U have midithru somewere in the computer that make this happen.

Hope it makes sence..