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Details of new features in Beta? - MIDI Designer Q&A

Details of new features in Beta?

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asked Jan 12, 2022 in Advanced by the-elf (640 points)

1 Answer

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The new features are listed in the e-mail announcing the beta availability in Test Flight.  They are also listed in the Test Flight app.

This is what the latest notification states:

MIDI Designer Next, app icon

MIDI Designer Next 2.300 (202201120813) is ready to test on iOS.

What to Test:

This build:
Adds some polish around Loop Beat Knob and adds new propagate feature (see below).

Hello and welcome to 2022!!!

Version 2.300 is a massive, gigantic, huge leap.

1. Ableton Link Integration. See (with video). Look-ahead, tempo-locked control loopers, finally!
2. Add new NO midi-send-receive message type
3. All banks are now visible in design mode
4. Basic fixes to design property pane for visual glitches
5. Add option to propagate MIDI min-max changes to Display Min/Max/Ticks

Thanks for testing!

To test this app, open TestFlight on your iOS device using iOS 14.1 or later and install the update.

answered Jan 12, 2022 by jkhiser (16,080 points)
OK. I did read that, but I was hoping for a simpler guide. I don't use Ableton Live, so I guess that's why that seems obscure to me.

I'll just run my Layouts and check they work as expected.
Verifying old layouts work is valuable.  Or even building new instances of existing control types - sometimes something does get unhooked with the updates.

For the new link and loop features, we have two sample pages loaded, one will get updated with the latest changes tonight.

Live link isn't exclusive to Ableton Live - it is a way to keep music apps in time (tempo/beat/start-stop).  Many music iOS apps have the Live link included.  I was surprised to find the link in most of my apps - had to dig on some.
What JK said: any and all testing is valuable and helpful. As mentioned, Ableton Link isn't just for Link anymore... it's a sync technology that replaces MIDI Clock and MIDI Time Code (both). Also, moving forward, we'll use it to allow tempo-locked snap-to-value etc.

But yeah, any testing is good testing, thanks!