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How to Connect MIDI Jupiter Xm to iPAD - MIDI Designer Q&A

How to Connect MIDI Jupiter Xm to iPAD

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asked Jan 10, 2022 in User Support, Open by jmm1 (280 points)

1 Answer

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As far as I can recall, there should be no issue with a hardwire connection from MDP2 to the Jupe.  As far as I recall, the Jupe has to be in Generic midi mode.  I would recommend one of the Jupe FB groups for more specifics on this.  Or maybe RSJ's Jupiter X-pert publication.  (I am on the road for a while and didn't bring the Jupe on this trip, so cannot verify.)

You can access the names of scenes from MDP2 - they are just sysex like any of the other settings.  But MDP2 does not have an ability (currently?) to display or manipulate dynamic string data.  Some users have provided ability to display or edit names digit by digit, but I tried this once on the RD2000, found it too clunky, and dropped it.

Frankly, since Roland came out with their PC based editor, it mostly superseded most of my Jupiter X-Xm layouts (other than the bulk settings update - they still do not have anything equivalent), so I pretty much stopped updating them, although I did add support for the latest model update.
answered Jan 11, 2022 by jkhiser (16,080 points)