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Rating: SilverLAYOUT: BOSS ME-5

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Rating: Silver
asked Nov 19, 2021 in Community Shares by gurbz (2,490 points)
edited Nov 22, 2021 by gurbz
thanks this looks great. I edited to remove the PNG filenames (automatic filenames are better) and adjust the title. NB one of your YouTube videos is not (yet?) visible.
Thx Dan, fixed the YouTube vids, added 5m demonstration

1 Answer

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APP don't work

MIDI Target Manufacturer(s): Roland
Greetings. I bought the layout for the boss ME-5 and I would like to use it on iPad air (4gen), the midi connection is made with CME Widi Master, everything seems to work correctly but I can't import or save the presets
do you have any advice for me?
answered Apr 12, 2023 by pentha (140 points)
1. The layout is free, you pay for the midi designer app, make also sure you have the streambyter plugin,
2. Connect the iPad wired or wireless with midi in/out Boss Me-5;
3. Make sure midi channel is corresponding with mididesigner app, check the log to determine midi channel (I think 1 or use Omni)
4. Use GET to get real time data from the Me-5 and turn knobs;
5 when your satisfied use SAVE. If this does not work then use the save button on the Boss ME-5
And read the instructions above this page