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Option for NRPN to send NULL after message - MIDI Designer Q&A

Option for NRPN to send NULL after message

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asked Oct 10, 2021 in Suggestions (Someday, Maybe) by 5din (590 points)
I understand the MIDI assn comment on adding Null, but when you use the MDP2 NRPN message, it always sends the NRPN MSB and LSB, so you should not get into trouble there.

MDP2 does not have a built in RPN data type, but you can build it in several ways.  In that case, always fully define the message, like above.

And avoid using stand alone CCs 98-101 in a layout.

While this is a valid recommendation, there is nothing broken, and I think there are higher priority things in Dan’s to-do list right now.