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[iPadOS 15] - Consider Removing Support for Apple's Split-Screen Mode - MIDI Designer Q&A

[iPadOS 15] - Consider Removing Support for Apple's Split-Screen Mode

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asked Oct 4 in User Support, Resolved by dsabou2062 (2,000 points)
recategorized Oct 6 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
We also support other music making iPad apps. Also, sometimes you need to take notes about your layout in a note taking app like Evernote. Or you want to write a blog post. Anyway, maybe we can come up with a solution that is not “take away this major feature”
Can you put some precision on " It doesn't seem to work reliably 100% of the time?" You mean the UI feature doesn't dropdown sometimes? Doesn't stay down long enough? Or are you just restating that you need it in Design Mode?
check the new beta please
I apologize if I seem a bit anxious about your solution. From my point-of-view, I would rather not have split screen implemented. The dropdown in Play Mode in 2.266 does work for both more and bank.

My “reliably” issue was the fact that I could select ‘more’ and ‘bank’ in all versions (including 2.261), but selecting the right bank had a very narrow range without invoking the split screen. I now realize this is because I have a 11” M1 iPad Pro. All my existing designs were with the 10.5” iPad and I chose not to expand the screen since any controls at the bottom were cut off. This made the 3 dots offset to the right of ‘more’ and over the right ‘bank’ when I test. This gives me a different behavior. ‘more’ almost always worked, but right bank is now over the 3 dots.

When I expand the screen to accommodate the 11” screen, more is centered and affected by the 3 dots. But both banks don’t seem to be affected. Hence the need for drop down at least for more, but not necessarily for banks for most users. Sorry I didn’t catch this earlier.

NEW IDEAS?? Not knowing the coding with Apple, I wonder if the split screen can be made an option in MDP. Or can the initiation of split screen be disabled from MDP, but another app can initiate split screen with MDP?

Thanks, Don
are you seeing build 202110050017

Mods to 2.265
1. Include bank selectors in iPadOS 15 fix.
2. Extend fix to Design Mode (thanks Don)
3. Fix never-dismissing alert on blank URL (thanks 5din)

an app's ability to go split screen is 100% compiled into the App and is not switchable at runtime.

I appreciate your pain. Thanks for testing and all the feedback.
Testing the latest beta, tapping a blank spot in Design mode opens the Add Controls window as well as the 'more' dropdown. Clicking more or bank takes them both away, so submenu items can't be selected.

I found that double-clicking more quickly after it drops down, keeps it open to select a submenu. Double clicking will change the bank just once. Double-clicking will have to become an SOP.

When i have the 3 dots centered in my 11" iPad, I have no problem normally selecting the banks in Design Mode. I don't need to drop them down to select them. In my unique case, I can go to the expanded 11" mode to change right side bank parameters. This is true for anyone using the 11" iPad.

This has been an interesting MDP modification for an Apple created feature.
good point thank you for testing. We'll roll back the bow in design mode: it doesn't work.

Have you reached out to Apple? Perhaps they can address your concerns more directly, since they basically caused this problem with iPadOS 15. Another way to go is to get an iPad that's on 14.8 and stay there.

What is bow? I don't think Apple will change just for MDP issues.