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Attempt to Configure MDP Connection on M1 Mac Midi - MIDI Designer Q&A

Attempt to Configure MDP Connection on M1 Mac Midi

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asked Sep 7 in How does MIDI Designer work with X? by dsabou2062 (2,000 points)
We didn't have any luck using connections over Wi-Fi. We've also forced the "MIDI Designer Initiated In/Out" to ON for the M1 version. The basic question is are you able to get another app -- there's EasyMIDI for Mac, which has a demo version, to test -- to talk in and out to MDP2 on M1?

The other issue + the lack of support in TestFlight for current macOS makes us a bit jumpy. We might pull the App from the MAS later this week. You would still have access after that, just... don't delete the App ;)

Anyway, thanks for this Don, let's figure out the MIDI issues first.

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Configure MDP to run on M1 Mac

MIDI Target Manufacturer(s): Other/Unlisted Maker
I configured the MDP M1 Mac OS app to control the Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ Mac OS app. To configure the MDP app to run on an M1 Mac using Big Sur, I use the following settings:

1. On the Mac, set Midi Studio IAC Driver to 2 Ports (I named them Bus 1 and Bus 2).

2. Set MDP Configuration to Bus 1 as the Destination and Bus 2 as the Source.

3. Start (or restart) HW and set its Input Port to Bus 1 and its Output Port to Bus 2.

See the attached images
M1 Mac Setting for MDP 1
M1 Mac Setting for MDP 1
MDP Config for M1 Mac 2
MDP Config for M1 Mac 2
answered Sep 9 by dsabou2062 (2,000 points)