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Possibility To Run MDP2 On M1 Apple Silicon Macs? - MIDI Designer Q&A

Possibility To Run MDP2 On M1 Apple Silicon Macs?

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asked Aug 25, 2021 in How does MIDI Designer work with X? by j1mpst3r (180 points)
edited Aug 26, 2021 by j1mpst3r
Yea. Up until just now, there was no TestFlight support for this. Now there is, so we will be getting there slowly

Thanks. Let us Let us know if you want to test.
Also we need to figure some things out so the app looks polished and correct.
Maybe I don't understand the question, but MDP does not run on computers. Many applications designed for iPad and iPhone do not have a counterpart on Mac computers. I have an M1 Mac Mini and have not had any problems INTERFACING MDP on my iPad to my M1 Mac, if that is the question.

Perhaps the question is will it run on an M1 iPad. YES! I have a new M1 iPad and have not run into any problems. I dream | create | play almost daily. I have run old MDP layouts and new ones on my M1 iPad without any issue.
Hi Thanks for your input, yes the title could do with amendment to make it clear it is Mac. I'm purely interested in running MDP2 on a M1 MacBook. No Phone or Tablet involved. Not looking for a counterpart to run on Mac. Since M1 it has been a feature of MacOS to be able to run iPhone and iPad apps on Apple Silicon computers.

If anyone is wondering why I want to eliminate the iPad from the equation :

Since the computer is always there hosting pretty much everything and ultimately is the device hardwired to the Midi Interface, so why not add another terminal there. Also when going standalone and removing the Computer from the system I found it impractical to hook up the Midi Interface to the iPad. The weight of the powered Hub and excess cabling made the connection to the iPad intermittent and unreliable.
Thanks Dan, happy to try if you have something.
Hey there, we just looked into this. Right now TestFlight 3.2 for Mac requires macOS 12, which is a beta. Until that beta because a production OS and pretty mature -- 12.3 or 12.4 -- we won't be testing ourselves, and therefore won't be entering the MAS ourselves. HOWEVER: if you're running macOS 12, you can test on macOS via TestFlight today using our Beta.

I've added you to the Beta test anyway. It's a separate App and will not compromise your Production MIDI Designer.

Short comment: even we can't follow on the twists and turns on this topic from Apple. Before there was Catalyst -- -- which we never got working. Then there is this new thing -- "Show Mac (Designed for iPhone & iPad) Destination" -- which may be Catalyst, or might not be Catalyst. The main driver NOW is the M1 chip, whereas before Catalyst was also for Intel architectures.

Anyway, yeah, the thing will eventually run on Mac too. In fact, we've run it on Mac, but until we have a production-ready testing and deploy strategy, we're holding off.

I realize this comment might be more confusing than elucidating, but... info!
Correction: we've never gotten a successful, end-to-end run on Silicon Macs (including making connections and sending/receiving MIDI). So... this will take a while for Apple to get their stuff in proper order.
Boy was I caught flatfooted. I was not aware that some iPad apps could be installed on an M1 Mac. This could be a game changing capability for my primary MDP application, controlling Virtual Pipe Organs such as Hauptwerk or GrandOrgue.

Dan: I would like to be an early tester of MDP on a Mac. I am a beta tester for MDP. I could signup for the Beta test of OS 12 or wait for its fall release. I would be interested in how it looks and Plays with a large touch screen.
sounds good. For now, we've got a few things to figure out before any of this is even possible. Do NOT upgrade your macOS at this time, though your services may be needed in the future ;)

Some positive notes from our tests today: seems like we can get midi in and out. We might just slap a warning sticker on it and ship it
I definitely am interested in testing it with Hauptwerk. Does it work with Big Sur?
To use TestFlight we would need macOS 12, but if we “just release” if would be any M1 macOS
That sounds like the way to go for now. Look forward to giving it a try.
something like this
Is this supposed to link to a Mac os app? I can only download an image file.
Don, if I could send you apps directly, we'd just bypass Apple and never look back.

It's the warning label. You should have it by the end of September.
I understand, thanks
The latest release should be available for Apple silicon. Let me know how it works out!

How can MDP be installed on M1 Mac? I created an ipa file, but can't get it to load.
Mac App Store (MAS): search on it. Then select "iPhone & iPad Apps"... we'll update the answer below with a screenshot.

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Should be available as of 2.260 out now. Support is EXPERIMENTAL at this point.
Image 1
Image 1
answered Sep 1, 2021 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
edited Sep 6, 2021 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Hmmmm... our single M1 test machine is also an Air of the same generation. Send us an email to support [at] with a related subject so we can try to sort this out. Thx.
I had to select "Buy" but when I finally opened MDP on my M1 Mac Mini, it didn't charge me. I also wasn't charged when I accepted the plugin. Download and open, you won't be charged.
See my Answer to "Attempt to Configure MDP Connection on M1 Mac Midi" for my solution.
thanks glad it's not unsolvable. We're going to do a patch release for zoom on M1 macs, but frankly the lack of a beta makes this challenging.