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Stream Byter Subroutines don't work - MIDI Designer Q&A

Stream Byter Subroutines don't work

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asked Aug 8, 2021 in Stream Byter Plugin by Audeonic by marcel (130 points)
Please see this link...
It essentially says that Sub Routines aren't implemented in MD2. This may have changed since newer versions. Not sure.
The document you link specifically states it was written for the older version of SB and has not been updated for v1.5.

SUBROUTINE should work but for some reason it does not.

1 Answer

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SUBROUTINE call below MD 2.2 not implemented.

Sorry, I was going off the table in this screen grab below. It says that SUBROUTINE is n/i (not implemented) in MidiDesigner before v2.2.

So from that we can at least gather that before MD2.2, SUBROUTINE wasn't implemented. What I do not know however is has this changed "after" MD 2.2

At the top of the page it says as of June 2021 SB is now at 1.5 in MD 2.2. It says that new functions are available but it doesnt state that the SUBROUTINE call has been implemented. It just seems strange is all. We know for sure that 2.2 and below do not use SUBROUTINE, and if the SUBROUTINE still isnt working, my guess is they still havent implemented it. But Im only guessing sorry and I could well be wrong. Appologies if I sound like I'm rambling lol. Ive used SB before but not the SUBROUTINE calls in MD 2.2

answered Dec 7, 2021 by thedood (930 points)