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Add new MDP feature to deactivate response from subcontrol - MIDI Designer Q&A

Add new MDP feature to deactivate response from subcontrol

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asked Aug 1, 2021 in Suggestions by dsabou2062 (2,000 points)
To generalize, the proposal is for each control of type button, knob, slider, picker, crossfader, to a new option for "super control disable" - which allows selecting a button from the current page (similar to show / hide for panels).  When the selected button is active, then super controls will not impact that specific sub control.  The control is still active for manual control or midi receive.

I too would find this a very useful enhancement.
I prefer your approach since it is not tied to a panel, but can be hidden by a Show and Tell panel if so desired.
Love this suggestion and I think the utility/complexity ratio (i.e, implementation "cost") is very high. Also love the diagram in all ways.

@JK your proposal is notably different in that it's JUST super-control disable and manual would still work, as well as MIDI receive.

Don, this still covers all of your use cases, JUST blocking supercontrol-ininitiated work?
Okay got it, thank you.

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