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Controls that are assigned to a Panel are hidden by the Panel itself. - MIDI Designer Q&A

Controls that are assigned to a Panel are hidden by the Panel itself.

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asked Jul 28, 2021 in Defect (Fixed) by hape (170 points)
recategorized Aug 2, 2021 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Dan, Thanks for the response. For my second use case I am currently looking at using MidiFire to loopback the On/Off buttons from Output to Input and using input rules to change the midi output from the Foot Pedal to control the selected knob. I hadn't considered using Channel changers. I will add a QA question for a feature.

Thanks so much for realizing this fix quick. I am on vacation right now so will be on board again a little later.
Release is out. I spent some time with QA checking out various edge cases, and... seems better in all ways. Thanks again for pointing this out in such a tangible way, and thank you EVERYBODY for the detailed, respectful conversation.
Are you referring to the release of 2.251?
Yes, and only the original issue

1 Answer

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Fixed in Release 2.251 (2021-08-01)

We've got a fix in Beta now. The fix is simple:

  1. Stack member controls above their grouping panels
  2. Ignore "always in back" for grouping panels that have member controls

However, the fix takes care of most concerns. With the two actions that MD always uses, applied to grouping panels, a user can do most anything:

  1. Touch a control to bring it to front
  2. Send it back via "send to back"

Users should remember that Design Locks on iPad are extremely helpful here. 

NOTE: On iPad, panels that span pages from the left can't be behind panels that are on the right page.

answered Aug 1, 2021 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
edited Aug 1, 2021 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)