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Blank/Black screen on start with MPD 2.200

0 votes
asked Jun 20, 2021 in Defect (Fixed) by jkhiser-admin (2,140 points)
edited Jun 20, 2021 by jkhiser-admin
I'm pretty sure the dev team is able to repro consistently on an iPad Air 2 simulator. From repro to fix SHOULD be a relatively short path... hopefully!
On simulator on iPad Air 2 we're able to workaround by starting the App with the iPad rotated in Portrait mode. We'll confirm if this workaround works with a real device shortly.

2 Answers

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Best answer
MDP2 2.201 that corrects the black screen issue is now available on the App Store.  For those that were impacted, thank you for your patience.
answered Jun 24, 2021 by jkhiser-admin (2,140 points)
+1 vote
Two workarounds for the black screen:

- start initially in portrait mode, then should work in landscape mode

- if you started in landscape, kill the app (swipe up), then restart the app
answered Jun 21, 2021 by jkhiser-admin (2,140 points)
excellent, we're still aiming to fix ASAP, but workarounds are a necessary evil. Thanks!
We've got a fix submitted for Beta review to Apple, so we should have fix release 2.201 out by Friday latest.