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How to default this control to zero? - MIDI Designer Q&A

How to default this control to zero?

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asked Apr 22, 2021 in Basic by the-elf (620 points)
edited Apr 22, 2021 by the-elf
MIDI designer has no choice but to round and doesn’t find your center. Since 199 values for 128 makes no sense. You could switch to named ticks and fix the zero problem
Making it kind of make sense ;)
Thanks for the help, guys.

But there *is* a 50% 0 value in the default choices list. When I choose it and apply it, it snaps back to 1%. Why is the 50% 0 option there, yet I can't get it to stick?
Really? Okay could be a bug in the picker. I’ll circle back

3 Answers

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The default value can be any of the valid midi values.  In your case, it spreads the 128 midi values over the 199 ticks, repeating some midi values to get 199 values.  So your valid default values go as follows:

  • 0 (0%)
  • 1 (1%)
  • 1 (1%)
  • ....
  • 63 (49%)
  • 64 (50%)
  • 64 (51%)
  • 65 (52%)
  • ...
  • 127 (100%)
So there is no 50% 0 value.  If you want it to be at display 0, then choose 64 (50%).
answered Apr 22, 2021 by jkhiser (11,740 points)
As above there *is* a 50% 0 option in the default values list, but when I choose it it snaps back to 1%!
You are oversampled.  The default value is a midi value.  But when oversampled, there can be more than one tick that represents this value.  Despite what the display shows, there is no difference between a display of 0 and 1, they are both sending midi value 64.

The fix is to decrease your number of ticks so it matches the number of midi values, 128 in this case.  You will also need to have the negative side go one more value than the positive to have 64 land on 0 - i.e., -99 to +98.  If you want to stay at -99 to +99, as Dan recommends above, you could use named ticks to force midi 64 to be 0 displayed.
Reminder from Dan - if you go back to 128 ticks, choose named ticks, then accept the option to convert named ticks, you can then go edit the +1 = 64 value to display 0.
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Another solution - from Dan suggesting named ticks might solve.

With your current setup -99 to +99, 128 ticks, select named ticks, convert your current ticks.

Go in and edit the named ticks value you want to be your default so there is only one with that midi value, i.e, change the second 64 to a 65.

Then there is only a single tick that matches the default value.

Sorry we had to go the long way around to get there.
answered Apr 23, 2021 by jkhiser (11,740 points)
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Thanks, both of you. I very much appreciate you taking the time to help.

Yes, that approach does work. The synth I'm working with has a few odd design features. Exposing a -99 to +99 range as a 127 MIDI CC is odd to my way of thinking. I can't get at the value +1, for instance. I will be feeding this back to them.

But it still also seems odd that I can choose '0' in MD's Default Value chooser, yet when I 'Apply' and it returns to the main editor it snaps back to '1'. I think it should retain the choice I've made.
answered Apr 26, 2021 by the-elf (620 points)
edited Apr 26, 2021 by the-elf