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Controls on Panel Spanning Pages - MIDI Designer Q&A

Controls on Panel Spanning Pages

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asked Apr 11, 2021 in Advanced by the-elf (620 points)
recategorized Apr 17, 2021 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Dan - looks like any controls hanging over the page edge are being collected at the top left corner of the panel in one big stack.  All there, but losing their position.
Defect, limitation, either way: yeah those controls cannot have their top left point off the first page, because they’ll get knocked back onto the first page.
Thanks, guys. For the moment I've redesigned my Layout to respect the left/right page boundary and that's solved it.

(I'll be releasing this Layout into the wild once I can test and refine it - waiting for the synth to arrive).
big up, thanks for understanding and for pushing forward!

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A panel can span multiple pages but cannot contain buttons on multiple pages.

MIDI Target Manufacturer(s): Other/Unlisted Maker
Sorry to respond so late. I find that I can place a button across 2 pages, but panels cannot span multiple pages and contain buttons on both pages. To minimize the impact I create adjacent panels on each page to contain the buttons on that page. However a button that is split on two pages is not contained in either panel. Not sure if this what happened to you.
answered Jun 4, 2021 by dsabou2062 (2,600 points)
Yep, I take a similar approach, and I have managed to get around the problem. I do wish that when I asked for 'one big page' it would behave that way, though, without hangovers from the two-page design.
Have you requested a Suggestion for a true one page without 2 page artifacts? I would support that. I don't like limiting MDP controls to be on one page or the other or splitting panels.

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This can be a bigger issue when the planned  Portrait Mode is released. I think at least the portrait mode needs to be one full page.
I've several times spoken to the developer about this, and even suggested scrapping the two-page system altogether, but the feeling is that the two-page design has its benefits. That said, I do wish that choosing 'one big page' would fully remove all of the two-page functionality.

I don't understand 'vote for my answer'? What does that mean?