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"Hide Label" can be applied and "Distortion 5" appears instead after restart/ reload (iOS12.5.1 on iPadAir) - MIDI Designer Q&A

"Hide Label" can be applied and "Distortion 5" appears instead after restart/ reload (iOS12.5.1 on iPadAir)

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asked Apr 10 in Defect (Fixed) by zizlog-sound (120 points)
Dan - previously reported in

But has not been seen in a while.

zizlog-sound - can you attach you layout so we have one with the problem.  Has been a while since this has been seen, and need the example to troubleshoot.

Question - does this happen with new controls, or are you starting with an older layout and copying some of the controls?
I think we fixed this already but you would need to upgrade. Let’s confirm if we can get the layout please?
"but you would need to upgrade" that's where the issue is. Not possible to upgrade on an iPad Air (1st Gen). Apple does not support any newer iOS on this model and MDP doesn't support iOS12 anymore.
@jkhiser: Answer - it happens with new controls (Track 2-7, because they don't have dedicated pages yet) as well as copied controls (Track 1). The layout was started from scratch.
@dsabou2062, all negative unfortunately. Distortion 5 is not a separate label but Track 1 to Track 8 are. The slider label should be hidden but it happens what I reported above.
When I unhide the slider label the original label, e.g. TRK1 Level re-appears and Distortion 5 dis-appears. I cannot select Distortion 5 by itself.
I'm re-designing the layout, so Distortion 5 will be off the screen as a workaround.

2 Answers

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Attach layout

I may be able to help if you attach the layout to this post. It looks like Distortion 5 is a separate label and not the Slider label. What happens if you unhide the slider label? Does it superimpose over Distortion 5? Can you select Distortion 5 by itself (you may need to move the slider or lock all but labels)? If they are Labels, delete them.
answered Apr 10 by dsabou2062 (2,000 points)
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So this was fixed about 2.9.0, but you will need to use a work around since you have an older iPad.
answered Apr 23 by MIDI Designer Team (jkhiser)