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Why am I unable to manually activate a stepper function Button Group? - MIDI Designer Q&A

Why am I unable to manually activate a stepper function Button Group?

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asked Mar 31 in Defect (Confirmed, Not Fixed Yet) by dsabou2062 (2,000 points)
Will look at it tonight.

3 Answers

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"What is causing the interaction of manual combination button selection..."

 -- you have everything tied in one set of relationships, as follows:
    Fader 285 -> [Presets 1-6] -> Fader 77 -> [Combs 1-36]

so lower level selections back feed to the higher supercontrols.
Edit: I do think there is some unexpected behavior happening.  Need to do some more research.  I think I have seen this in one other layout, so need to do some digging.
answered Apr 2 by jkhiser (11,050 points)
edited Apr 2 by jkhiser
Why only certain Combs buttons have issue. 20 seems to always fail but some fail and some don't. When failure occurs seems different for different Combs buttons and is not consistent. Is there another way to use presets to trigger specific Combs? I tried using a hidden button without success. A direct connect from a preset to a Combs does not work, which is why I tried connecting Presets to Fader 77.

Why does the problem only occur when manually pressing the Combs buttons and not using the stepper?
Something is happening at the third level sub control, with higher values.  Don't know exactly what until Dan can troubleshoot.
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Summary: Confirmed bug somewhere in the sub control relationship flow

Dan - this demo layout only has enough controls to show the mis-behavior, somewhere at the third or fourth sub control.


Relationship flow is top to bottom.

Knob 2 properly controls, allows selecting any value

Same with bottom group 1 and Knob 10

Problem starts with button group 2

Work up from 51, when you get to 56, it jumps to 58.

Second press on 56 works.

Weird #2,  change knob10 type to picker.  Now the misbehavior starts with the picker above about mid 70s, worse if you move the picker fast.  As above, a second action will allow picking any value.
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Jumping subcontrol
Downloads: 74
answered Apr 2 by MIDI Designer Team (jkhiser)
Actually, there is another weird behavior. For example, starting with Btn 3, Btn 53 lights up, then tapping Btn 56, Btn 3 remains lit as desired. Then pressing Btn 55 (going backwards), both knobs go to 127. Not good!

If I start at button 6, Btn 56 lights. If then I press any Btn lower than 56, both knobs go to 127. Bad! This backwards behavior seems consistent.

When a failure occurs, I suspected Knob 2 was being triggered to go to 127. I verified this using MidiMonitor and by adding a button as a Sub of Btn 8 to generate a midi signal. Sure enough, Knob 2 goes to 127 a few milliseconds before Knob 10 goes to 127 and button 58 is triggered.

This sort of isolates the issue, but doesn't solve it. What triggers Knob 2 when it should remain at its present position? Is there a way to prevent this behavior? I have tried various variations and settings but have not found an answer.

BTW Even though I have "Email me" ticked, I don't receive an email when I receive a response. Is this a bug?
I found a solution. I inserted buttons between Btn 1 to Btn 8. Now I can tap any button Btn 59 to Btn 66 in any order and Buttons 9 to 16 remain fixed until I tap another Btn between 9 to 16. Just as I wanted.

Somehow the extra buttons isolate the 2 knobs. Maybe you can explain?

I did find using Resend On Value in Options as Super gives me a behavior I want. Tapping a Combo button will activate certain Stops. It is possible to manually add or subtract some stops and pressing the Combo button a second time will restore back to the original setting for that specific Combo button.

Another desired feature is when a preset button is selected, and the next and previous buttons are pressed or Combo buttons are manually selected, tapping the same preset (it is lit) will restore back to the preset settings.

So all is working out. Thanks for responding.

See Stepper Issue solution layout in Answer below

Additionally I'm going to have a beta for 2.190 that includes a fix. Basically non-buttons should not send UP (subs -> supers) to buttons in button groups. Hope that helps as well?
Thanks Dan, that will save me many extra buttons.
By the way, I tick the "Email me if a comment is added" but lately have not received an email. Is this a bug?
I'll look into the email issue, still sorting out kinks.
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Layout provided

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See my comment above about the solution
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Stepper Issue Solution
Downloads: 81
answered Apr 4 by dsabou2062 (2,000 points)