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How to add a VU meter to show the signal level of any of my tracks - MIDI Designer Q&A

How to add a VU meter to show the signal level of any of my tracks

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asked Feb 28 in Advanced by stevee00 (380 points)

1 Answer

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Prolly this link:

But looks like VUPlug is a DAW plugin, don't see it avail for iPad / AUM.

MDP2 speaks Midi, AUM is doing audio.  So you need something to convert the audio to a midi value for display.  The VU meter for midi data is in MDP2.

Maybe the AUM folks know a solution.
answered Mar 1 by jkhiser (10,110 points)
selected Mar 17 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Thanks for your reply. Yes, I know MDP2 is MIDI. I was hoping that somewhere in the iOS universe somebody had already built something to convert audio to MIDI and load into a bouncing meter.

I do know about FAC Envolver, an AUv3 that does this conversion. I have it and use it for side-chaining. There's an old post on Aubiobus Forum that tells how to make a meter out of it. I'll try that. I was holding back because of the CPU load, especially if I'm monitoring more than a couple tracks.
We made that with our partners at musicIO as a VST. I'm still shocked that no one made anything like that before us (or after). Fast forward to now: I'm not surprised that there's nothing prebuilt for this, especially for AUM. Don't hold back on CPU load (premature optimization)! See what happens and if your device doesn't catch fire, you're in the clear.