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MIDI Designer with a Roland Octapad? - MIDI Designer Q&A

MIDI Designer with a Roland Octapad?

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asked Feb 26 in Community Requests by audiophiliacuk (190 points)
Basically, I'm trying to create something like this video...(around the 6 min mark is probably where it's best demonstrated)

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Since there is a complete Midi implementation provided by Roland, should be straight forward to do it.  

Toughtest part is just getting started and getting a few controls working.  After that, mostly just rinse and repeat until you have everything.

Easiest approach is to just recreate the Roland menus on a larger screen.  More useful is to create a more useful interface.  I will read through the documents this weekend and can provide assistance if needed.
answered Feb 26 by jkhiser (9,340 points)
That would be great... I was thinking that the fact that each pad has access to all of those menus, setting up a useable interface on screen would be a nightmare as ideally, everything could be done on screen (including auditioning sounds).

Thanks :)

Did you get a chance to look through the Roland .pdf? Any tips or tricks I might use to get started?