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Encoding Yamaha Tempo - MIDI Designer Q&A

Encoding Yamaha Tempo

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asked Feb 23 in Advanced by jkhiser (10,110 points)
Isn't MIDI supposed to be dead by now? 1983 sysex still rocking, thanks for figuring this one out, JK!

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Michael Baumgärtel - i do not believe the Tyros uses the four bit Roland encoding, but if you want to try it, here is a spreadsheet that will calculate the correct MDP2 input decimal value to generate a four digit four bit (aka Roland) encoding for named ticks.

Value to be encoded -> MDP2 named ticks input decimal value -> MDP2 Sysex output four bit encoded value.


4095 (0FFFh) -> 247695 -> 00 0F 0F 0F

The highest value you can encode in four digits is 65536, which equates to a minimum BPM of 915, which contributes to the belief this is not the correct encoding.
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Four Bit Encoding for
Downloads: 64
answered Feb 24 by jkhiser (10,110 points)
edited Feb 24 by jkhiser