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Layout Loading Problem - MIDI Designer Q&A

Layout Loading Problem

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asked Oct 25, 2020 in Advanced by allan_evett (120 points)
Weird.  What version of iOS & MDP2 are you running?  Have you tried a complete reboot on the iPad (on current iPads: volume up, volume down, then hold power until apple symbol appears).
Hey there and welcome aboard. Whenever you successfully load it, save it using Config -> Actions -> Save Layout. Loading the layout from Dropbox, Google Drive and Files generally work... not sure what's happening there. Some screen shots or more detail in what you're doing exactly would help.

Rebooting as Jkhiser suggested is good too.

Also you can mail the layout to yourself. Trying to find "Open In..." is usually your best bet. In Google Drive you need to find it in the top right in the 3-dots menu.

Mailing the Layout to myself appears to have done the trick. The RD-88 beta Layout opened fine on my iPad. I'm not near my rig right now, but will test the functions later.  Thanks for your help, so far!
Do circle back and report on the other options too. They should all work. Thanks!
So far, so good. The designer - who did the RD-2000 Manager - is up to version 0.02 for the RD-88 so far. The options in that all work fine. Looking forward to further updates. A growing group of us on Roland Clan Forums are participating and offering feedback.