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BeatBuddy Wireless MIDI Controller V1.3 - MIDI Designer Q&A

BeatBuddy Wireless MIDI Controller V1.3

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asked Oct 2, 2020 in Promo & Hosted Elsewhere by ed_saxman (710 points)
edited Oct 3, 2020 by ed_saxman
This looks amazing, and I know how much work you’ve put into it. Would you mind putting a note at the very top of the post, saying that this is a layout that’s available for sale, and what platform you’re selling it on? Thank you!
Ed - can you contact me? I want to buy it!
I'm also on the BB singular sound forum asking the same question - I'm easy to find!
Well worth the money for all the work put into this.  I've got all the hardware necessary to use this (as well as MD Pro, of course), and would dearly love to get in contact with Ed to purchase this layout.
Gary please circle back with how this worked out. Thanks.
Um, it looks like the Gumroad site works. No?
Ed hasn't been heard from on the Beat Buddy forum or here for a couple of years, and the last update on Gumoard is the same date. As much as it's a bargain for the work put into it... it won't help anyone if I fire off US$20 into the void... if Ed's lost interest, gone back to his saxophone and has thrown away all his ICT assets :-)

Would like to hear an update first before I empty 20 bucks into a 2 year old site...

I'm strarting to build my own... but it's not a patch on Ed's work!