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can connect midesigner using AudioInterface? - MIDI Designer Q&A

can connect midesigner using AudioInterface?

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asked Aug 4, 2020 in Advanced by mecenesoy (120 points)
I figured it out. Once the Ipad is connected to the computer - open Midi Audio setup on MAC and enable the Ipad. in Mainstage, select iPad in edit mode screen and assign any control you want. Pretty fast response - I must say. Used it live performance for the first time yesterday and it's pretty seamless and it improved my work flow.
Now  - I need to display my tracks meter levels in Midi Designer. any Idea how to do that.
To map meter level. Download the FREE VUplug from Install it  on your MAC. Drop it on the tracks in Ableton. Expand to show mix parameter. MAP to your controller Slider. That's it.

2 Answers

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I know you can connect with just a USB c to USB c with the latest iPads and MacBooks, so should also work with Lightning to USB C, but don't have that exact cable to test with DWs older iPad.

And this one trips me up every time - you have to enable the hardwire connection in the AUDIO setup window, not the MIDI setup window of AUDIO MIDI  Once enabled in AUDIO, it becomes available in MIDI.
answered Aug 4, 2020 by jkhiser (10,590 points)
Thanks for the reply. I was to get it to work.
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Turn WiFi off

MIDI Target Manufacturer(s): Other/Unlisted Maker
To avoid possible interruption with other apps on your iPad, turn off WiFi when you have a physical cable connection.
answered Aug 28, 2020 by dsabou2062 (1,920 points)