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Is it possible to keep the CC's flexible? - MIDI Designer Q&A

Is it possible to keep the CC's flexible?

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asked Jan 18, 2013 in Advanced by jazzmaster (130 points)
Thanks for your question. It's a bit long ;)... I've Instapaperered it and will get back in a few hours. One early note: you cannot trigger presets from a MIDI Designer control yet, and there are no presets yet for a Panel or Page only (they are rig-wide). This is NOT an answer, I'm just jotting some stuff down... thanks!
yeah, sorry for the length and thanks for your quick response.
take your time! i know that what i asked for is more of a suggestion. but i figured you would know best how to create such a setup (if it's possible with any work arounds). i studied your app for days and before i give up on this setup, i thought asking you might bring up something.
if not please consider adding such a feature to your app, it would set your app further apart from the competitors.