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How to create reliable preset management - MIDI Designer Q&A

How to create reliable preset management

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asked Dec 26, 2019 in Advanced by gurbz (2,390 points)
It's really quite baffling that there are any issues with presets for groups (but I'm sure you're right, there are issues)... at the same time, my feeling is that they shouldn't be different no matter whether you use store and recall knobs or not. At some point we'll have a dive in to the code to see if we can identify anything strange, but it's not easy because it all works when you're testing it.

Anything repeatable you can show?

If there WERE issues with fewer or more presets, there's a chance that they have to do with rounding errors, but those should be consistently broken... hmmmmm

I can’t show anything yet but I rely a bit on my memory when I created the first katana primova midx-20 layout. The fact that mididesigner has those preset options is fantastic of course, I am thinking about a system to use that option to the fullest. Designing considering scenarios in advance here.

I tend not to have to many subcontrols and not to many presets in one knob. Coming from guitar world a pedal(effect)  with 4 presets is already great, I dont think that people use more for each separate effect.
Putting a supercontrol above it and use sequential option is a great way solve a lot of stuff. Time is a problem right now but I’ll try to upload a wip design when ready. Happy holidays all you mididesigner addicts!
Happy holidays back at you... I used to be an addict but now I just run the clinic ;)

So... my suspicion (and my hope) is that most of the issues have to do with the failure of guaranteed order of subcontrols coming to preset value.
Aha! That makes sense. I ‘ll see to it that the ranking order is the same for the supercontrols and subcontrols. So if we have 3 layers the super on top sends to three subs which all have a sub.