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Prevent stepper wrap-around - MIDI Designer Q&A

Prevent stepper wrap-around

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asked Nov 30, 2019 in Advanced by dsabou2062 (1,920 points)

1 Answer

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Select no wrap around in super control options

In the supercontrol options, you have three choices, stepper, force not stepper, and stepper (no wrap around).  The last is what you want.
answered Nov 30, 2019 by jkhiser (10,590 points)
selected Dec 1, 2019 by dsabou2062
THANKS! That was obvious if the choice appeared in the latest manual (Version 2.5). The manual seems to be published back in 2015. Since I am relatively new to MD, I spent a lot of trial and error time trying to get it to work for my application. Why isn't the User Reference manual updated?

Using no wrap around works, and I soon will be updating the Layout I just submitted for Hauptwerk Organ Stepper Function and then publishing it on the Hauptwerk Facebook Group.

I feel the MD approach to Hauptwerk VPO control is far superior to other approaches such as LaunchPad. There should be a manual dealing with VPO organ applications to make it acceptable to the Hauptwerk (and possibly other VPOs) community. I've been pushing MD in the Hauptwerk Facebook Group, but haven't had a lot of response.
Re: Hauptwerk - it seems that each individual HW setup is very tailored, so MDP2 may be a challenge.  If a user has done any setup with controls, going to be uphill to get them to re-learn all the controls to match MDP2.  I got MDP2 and HW about the same time, so I started my journey with MDP2 as an integrated part of the setup.

Re: user manual - working something there - stay tuned.