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"Morphing" from one sound to another - MIDI Designer Q&A

"Morphing" from one sound to another

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asked Nov 15, 2019 in Advanced by sebber (330 points)
Thank you for posing this as a question with the current state of MD. Hopefully something interesting comes up!

1 Answer

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Possible morph solution

This might work.  

Make "similar" the supercontrol.  Rename the new one as your Morphing Control.  In supercontrol options, change snap sub to value to your desired morphing time, say 1 second.

The first control should work as normal.  The second should send intermediate values, essentially morphing between the two.

I don't have a board where this would do anything but make devilish tintinnabulation, so I have not tested it.  But I do use the supercontrol snap time to solve other problems, and it works well.

You could have several "similars" with different times.
answered Nov 16, 2019 by jkhiser (10,590 points)
This is really interesting stuff, thanks for sharing. @Sebber any luck with this approach? Direct and simple it isn't, but it could work for you.
Thanks, jkhiser, that could work but it seems to me like I would have to make another >60 controls just for one morph, that's a bit much. One strength of the Nord Synthesizers is their ability to "morph", which practically means changing (almost) every single parameter and really morph from one sound to another. This can lead to fantastic results. MIDI Designer could probably do that, too, but I guess I have to shelf that unless it's possible to do it with the presets, which is on the Suggestions List already.
I just checked the Config MIDI page and took a better look at the "A to B" and "B to A" stuff, which would probably be another way to do it. It would, however, still need a second complete set of controls and it's also only two sets of parameters.

It got me thinking. Does the "Batch Send Throttle" apply to "Send all values" as well? Then I could temporarily turn the MIDI connection off, choose another preset, turn the MIDI connection on again and very slowly send all the values back to the synth. It would be cool though if I could map the "Send all values" button directly on the panel. I've got a faint memory that that is already implemented?

My dream, however, would be a trackpad with several patches (aka presets) and one could move with the finger between the patches (aka sounds).
You don't need to recreate the sub controls.  You just need one new supercontrol for each morph you want to do.  And the new supers  have to be buttons, since the snap sub to value is only on a PB.  (I had not realized this earlier, since all my triggers are buttons.)  They also need to be momentary, send on only, and set the midi on value match what your picker or knob would have set for that effect.
Maybe I am misunderstanding your architecture.  If you are using the supercontrol to store your presets, this will not work.  This only works if the values to send are inherent in the sub controls, and the super control is just sending them to the 28th value, for example.