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Does your volume jump? - MIDI Designer Q&A

Does your volume jump?

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asked Nov 11, 2019 in Advanced by alancarl (150 points)
recategorized Dec 31, 2019 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)

I did not test it extensively, to busy right now.
This occurs while being connected to a raspberry PI 3B+ , bluetooth. No biggie but I understand that a MBP gives a smoother wireless experience
I have watched this several times, and cannot figure out what is the problem you are seeing.  Is it wireless delay, or is there some encoding problem on your control?  Have you watched the MDP2 output to see if there is anything interesting happening - on the occasions I make a coding error, usually the log that lets me figure out what is going wrong.
It ‘s a question from Alan. He notices irregularities, especially when kicking in volume: a fast move shows this. Personally I do not have an issue with this but I notice also latency after a few seconds of pauze in control. Alan describes also that when a macbook pro is used as a wireless bridge the problem does not occur so it seems related to raspberry pi 3B+ Bluetooth or its drivers.
Hi to anybody looking into this:
Midi Designer Pro is hands down the most useful and productive MIDI controller platform I have every seen and used!
here this lag is most noticeable on a volume control as is demonstrated in the video the lag exists on all parameter change input. My interest in an Katana iPad controller device is to be able to Fine-Tune the sound of this terrific and relatively inexpensive guitar amp platform so effectively dropping 4-10 parameter values on each tweak after a short settling time takes the fun out of tweaking for me and my ears:-)

1. the issue is not limited to Bluetooth wireless as its the same for two different USB MIDI interfaces also.
2. the issue is Not present when using a MacBook Pro as the MIDI USB highway between the iPad and the Katana
3. I would describe this as a slight but noticeable MIDI controller lag when using the Raspberry PI 3B+ and the particular distro that myself and a few others have been using
4. by process of elimination I have narrowed the problem down to the PI
5. I have figured out a work around that keeps the MIDI pipe flowing by send a slow steady MIDI sign such as a MIDI sync  clock nor a steady stream of MIDI quarter notes to the PI.

In a non-programmer's jargon I believe that the issue could be deeper in the Linux MIDI subsystem or in Raspberry PI SBC processor scheduling or wait state considerations

I have been researching this as it could quite possibly be problematic for others...especially now that I have pointed this out...I find once I become aware of something I am A Lot more likely to notice it!
I haven’t tested it much yet, did you check the ‘device should not sleep’ option in config menu?