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Will Midi Designer work with 2 iPads? - MIDI Designer Q&A

Will Midi Designer work with 2 iPads?

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asked Sep 19, 2019 in Basic by dsabou2062 (1,920 points)
Generally speaking there’s no reason why not. Do the two halves need to talk to each other?
they can even talk to each and be connected directly via MIDI. However, in general the app can't share presets between two halves, nor can it automatically avoid CC conflicts etc.

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Now you have got me in trouble with my wife, who is always going to be wondering where her iPad has gone.

Yes, and works especially well with Hauptwerk.  The picture below shows HW on the Mac screen, and two identical layouts - with all controls sync'd.  HW is explicitly designed to keep multiple input and output panels correctly sync'd.  Using the echoing functions of HW, no matter where I make a change, all three displays stay sync'd up.  Even if you are doing separate left and right jambs, there are likely some couplers, etc., that need to be sync'd between.

I do need to change one line in my St Annes instructions - for this to work, always suppress output (echo) must be deselected.  We do want HW to echo any received command to ensure all displays are sync'd.

And like my other post - I recommend that MD just do the display and controls - let HW handle the heavy lifting of combinations.  It has mind numbing set of combination controls.  I stopped with controls for 35 in my layout for exactly that reason.

And you have got me energized to update my St Annes layout with more functionality.
IMG_6354 (1).jpg
IMG_6354 (1).jpg
answered Nov 10, 2019 by jkhiser (10,590 points)
At least I am not the only one that steals my wife's iPad. My implementation for dual iPads is to "split" the screen between the 2 iPads. This can mimic Left Jamb and Right Jamb. This enlarges each half. I didn't envision duplicate screens. I had no synch problems since the buttons on one iPad are different from the second. See my implementation example at for Friesach I also am working on a stepper implemented in the iPad and not using the HW stepper. It does not need to duplicate the organ stops such as in your design, but it can. Your design could be implemented on 2 iPads. Take your layout, go to portrait orientation and enlarge and arrange so one iPad displays the Stops and the other Displays and Controls the Combo buttons.