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Can you send MIDI from a StreamByter output rule back to MDP? - MIDI Designer Q&A

Can you send MIDI from a StreamByter output rule back to MDP?

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asked Sep 12, 2019 in Advanced by espiegel123 (470 points)
Sorry that the answer isn't positive. It's a great question and this ability would expand what you can with SB inside MD. For now, though, limits are what you see.

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No you cannot. However, with Midi Fire you might be able to. Thanks!
answered Sep 12, 2019 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Thanks for the suggestion. As I want other people to be able to use the layout, I'll have to figure out a way to do it without requiring folks to use any apps or AU other than MDP.

FWIW, the particular issue that I am trying to address could be handled in MDP itself if two features were implemented in MDP:
* the ability for a supercontrols to have an option to send their values on a non-global basis
* sending a value from a button to a control that uses named ticks didn't scale the value being sent.
Re: * the ability for a supercontrols to have an option to send their values on a non-global basis

Why not just duplicate the supercontrol as a subcontrol?
replying to @jkhiser's question "why not just duplicate the supercontrol as a subcontrol" : obviously one has to do that now but in a complicated layout with a lot of controls this becomes extremely cumbersome as one needs to duplicate many controls -- it also makes maintenance a real hassle. In simple layouts, it isn't a big deal but in complicated one's it is a real hassle -- not to mention that the current behavior is pretty counter-intuitive.
I could make a counter-argument on the counter-intuitive.  The current implementation has all output from the "leaves" of supercontrol trees.  All non-leaf nodes are doing storage, value transformation, or user interface, except for the "degenerate" case of a stand-alone control.  I'm not sure Dan & co. set out to design a structured programming language, but MDP2 has some of those characteristics.  The fewer exceptions you have to the defined structure, the easier long-term maintenance is.
The current implementation requires a lot of extra controls that duplicate other controls for certain types of layouts.

While one can  make your argument about the node structure -- in practice, the way that it works with super-controls only being able to send values if ALL super-controls send values probably is not intuitive to most people. You may feel differently. I can see how you might make an argument for logical consistency but that doesn't make it intuitive.

I can understand why historically, it evolved this way. But I also think that MD would benefit a lot from super-controls having an option (on a per-control basis) to send their values.
Sorry I didn’t mean to suggest that this isn’t a valid ask. It’s not possible in MIDI Designer Pro 2 as is. Valid suggestion for sure.