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How can a control that is a sub and a super be set to send its value? - MIDI Designer Q&A

How can a control that is a sub and a super be set to send its value?

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asked Aug 17, 2019 in Advanced by espiegel123 (470 points)
ANSWERING MY OWN QUESTION: You need to turn on the global option in configuration for super controls to send their values. I hope that this will be made a local and not global option so that one can turn this on only for those supers that need it.

1 Answer

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Make similar knob and use same stepper for both knobs. One knob for color, one for sysex.

MIDI Target Manufacturer(s): Original, Generic
as soon as your knob is a master control it won’t send it’s own data unless you check in config options that ‘supercontrol sends its own data’. This can be an obstacle if the layout requires also Subcontrols without send it own data later on.  A work around is simple an extra knob with same ticks that send the sysex. Don’t make it a supercontrol and hide it. Use same stepper for both knobs, the knobs operate simultaneously.
answered Aug 18, 2019 by gurbz (2,450 points)