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Boss Katana iPhone layout - MIDI Designer Q&A

Boss Katana iPhone layout

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asked Aug 17, 2019 in Beta Test by gurbz (2,450 points)
edited Aug 18, 2019 by gurbz
Great! (You might want to rename the upload to a more descriptive name if that is possible).

Btw, the raspberry pi solution is a wireless Bluetooth solution very similar to the Yamaha.. You plug the Katana into the the raspberry pi with a USB capable and the iOS devices connects via Bluetooth.
Oooh... the raspberry is on top of my wishlist. So wrapped up in the MDP2 thing, no time for it yet.
i notice that the knob, red, green and yellow buttons all are set to the same sysex. I have been trying to figure out a streamlined approach that has the knob sending out the sysex and the color buttons sending nothing -- but i can't figure out how to do it. I have tried all of the super and subcontrol options and can't figure out a way to get the knob to send out its sysex when its supercontrol (the boost 'stepper') is pressed.

It seems like this should be possible. I've tried all the combinations of super and subcontrol options to no avail.

I feel like I must have overlooked something.
Should be possible indeed.
Awesome! Is this ready to appear in the Browse menu on the iPhone version of MD? When it is, we'll rate it and approve it.
The layout is very usable, not perfect though. I probably update it in a while but the big Katana sysex layout is now first priority. Expect more to come soon, another mdp member has teamed up on the katana front.