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I'm feeling really stupid - how do I connect my iPad Pro 12.9 (October 2018 model) to midi? - MIDI Designer Q&A

I'm feeling really stupid - how do I connect my iPad Pro 12.9 (October 2018 model) to midi?

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asked Jun 19, 2019 in Basic by gplawhorn (120 points)
I'm not positive about the USB-C iPads -- some of our users will chime in, hopefully -- but the RD-2000 might not be class-compliant and therefore wouldn't show up as a MIDI device. I would try another MIDI Device, or the Yamaha MD-BT01.
I assume that the RD-2000 works, since there’s a layout for it:
Yep, no question that it "works." I'm wondering if it's "class-compliant USB" meaning that it's one of the types of devices that works with USB without any drivers. But it looks like the problem is resolved by some settings on the device, perhaps.

First hit at Roland. Let me know if this helps.

Yeah, no joy. It looks like I have to have a special connector or midi hub.
Yeah Ive certainly seen this problem. If you plug any synth into say a computer and it wants to download a driver, its not class compliant and it wont work on iOS. I have a couple of Roland UM-One adaptors. They are built for both PC and iPad. They are class compliant (no drivers needed) and they can be seen on the ipad.
Rolands Aria range are notorious for this, they all have USB outs but none of them can be seen by iOS as they arent class compliant. Bit of a pain actually. But then again, they also transport Audio along with midi across the USB bus, so they are very proprietary.