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LAYOUT: 5 Meris pedals: Hedra, ... + Presets and Stream Byter Rules??? - MIDI Designer Q&A

LAYOUT: 5 Meris pedals: Hedra, ... + Presets and Stream Byter Rules???

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asked Jun 14, 2019 in Community Requests by maikkez (130 points)
Hey man, that's a great request, but I just spoke with Mitch and he's now rocking out working with that said, it's unlikely that he'll be updating any of the Meris stuff but I'll mention this comment to him. The good news is that it's an open field and any user can update the layout. Want to give it a shot?

That would be great. The layout is awesome but I need the Hedra for the next project. It would be so cool if Mitch or anyone could do that.
Thanks for all
Hey Sorry I don't own the Hedra!  If I pick one up I would make a layout for it but right now don't have the time.  It is pretty easy to just copy a layout of one of the other pedals and rename the parameters though.
Hi Maikkez, I got your comment last weekend but can't find it since. I have been working on the Fleet layout all week trying to figure out the issues that were causing the pedals to crash and work intermittently. I think I'll be able to upload it tonight with the updates that will make the layout fully functional with all five Meris pedals. Still no stream byter but everything else in your request will be in there.