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Note On set to zero vs. Note Off - MIDI Designer Q&A

Note On set to zero vs. Note Off

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asked Jan 11, 2013 in MIDI But Not MIDI Designer by anonymous

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I'm on my phone so I'll be brief. There's an option for "send on only," but it's rolling out for toggles only in 1.4.3 (due out by Monday, supposedly). Hope you can wait for that. Let me know if I've missed something in the question, but I think I got it.


answered Jan 11, 2013 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Thanks. I found also in MIDI Monitor preferences it says "Note On with velocity 0 shows as Note Off." So apparently MIDI Monitor had me confused. My apologies.
So you're okay here, then? Ironically, I was one of the users who asked MIDI Monitors creators to add that switch just over a year ago ;)

About Note Off (8cH nnH vvH) vs (9cH nnH 00H).
cH=Midi Channel, nnH=Note Number, vv=Velocity Value

In terms of midi protocol, they're still two completely different things.

From a practical point of view, most of Midi divices recognize them as Note Off.
In this case, the response - result, aurally is the same.

From a programming point of view, is completely different. Many newer midi devices, manage in different way these messages.
For example, some newer midi devices have the ability to sound a patch tone in different way, depending the Note Off velocity value. For example, you can trigger a second - different patch tone (sound) when the Note Off velocity value is over 50 e.t.c.

So, depending the receiver (midi device), you should consult his detailed Midi Implementation Chart.

Thanks anonymous. We send Note On/Note On (velocity zero) or Note On/Note Off (velocity zero, too), depending on which works for you. Consulting a detailed MIDI implementation chart is great, but usually just trying it does the trick ;)
Very good job and very interesting.

As I mentioned in my original post, I need to use Note On values for everything, so I use the MIDI Designer Note On/Note On control. I was having some trouble with my layout and, when trouble-shooting in MIDI Monitor, thought the Note On/Note On was sending a Note Off when the value was zero. Thus my confusion. Turns out it was a MIDI Monitor thing. No harm done except a little embarrassment on this board. :)

One minor cosmetic problem I did discover, however, is that the Note On/Note On control properties reads "Channel-CC" rather than "Channel-Note" so it took me a few moments to realize where to select the pitch.

Thanks for the recent update. This app is awesome.
Thanks for the "awesome!".  The "one minor cosmetic problem" has been fixed and is rolling up into 1.4.4 (out next week, minor service release).