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Connection to MidiFire - MIDI Designer Q&A

Connection to MidiFire

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asked May 9, 2019 in How does MIDI Designer work with X? by drkeys (140 points)
So if you shut down MF the control changes still go?
I hadn't thought about testing that way, and prior to posting the initial message I had only tried breaking the connection within MidiFire. But yes, with MF shut down the control changes still reach the virtual instruments. (BTW I tested this using iGrand and iLectric.)
That said, I have since found that with only MF as a destination (and MD initiated connections disabled), the MidiFire source in MF recieves the MD control data and can route it to the virtual instruments. In that configuration, the route seems to be only through MF, so I think it's problem solved.
Beyond testing that way, once you're using MF, there are no problems you cannot work around. Why send the actual CC that you want when you could send a different message (e.g., different channel, message + 30, or a sysex) and then alter it so that even if it echoes, it wouldn't be controlling your MIDI destination.

I'm frankly nott sure how CoreMIDI works in this regard, but my guess is that multiple recipients will all receive from the MD-initiated port.

Good luck investigating, it sounds like fun, honestly.